Welcome back to my blog and thanks so much for stopping by. I’ve decided to ad a new feature segment to my blog which will hopefully help in my consistency lol.

On #MelaninMondays I will be doing a post on something related to people of color  within the realm of beauty, fashion, lifestyle etc all with the theme of #blackness in a uniqe and interesting way.

For today’s first edition I thought I’d do a focus on black french naturalistas you will love.

Aba Naturelle

Looking for amazing hair tutorials and great D.I.Y’s look no furture Aba has you covered.

Hair, beauty,  fashion and friendship Yunik and Ritini’s channel will have you watching video after video with their infectious smiles and laughter.

For Fashion, D.I.Y and sometimes some cooking inspiration check out Mymou’s channel.

She’s a youtuber who’s all about hair glitz and glam thats right i’m talking about Chacha Afrolife

Her hair is absoulte #goals and shes pretty funny to boot check out Mon Petite Paradis by Armelle.

TiaMendy CheveauxAfro shows amazing Protective styles, D.I.Y’s and more.

Dont be fooled by her soft demenour Beautiful  Nauterelle is a gorgous youtuber with lot of fiery spunk.

Young, energetic and full of talent Curlidole gives me absoulute life with her videos.

Beauty, grace and poise all equal ELLE.

Hauls, hair makeup and more Lilove is just what you’re looking for.

I hope you enjoyed this first installment of #MelaninMondays and give these youtubers a try. Tell me what you think in the comments below. xoxo


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