Pacifica Lipstick Dupe!

Hey loves welcome back. One of the items I received my last ipsy bag was the Pacifica Lipstick from their power of love collection. The name of this amazing lipstick that I’ve been religiously using for the past three months is ‘Sweet One’.


This gorgeous color retails for $10 us ($27 ec not including shipping) on the Pacifica website. Now as a lover of the affordable I was not going to spend that kind of money for a lipstick no matter how much I love it.


Imagine my surprise when one night midst conversation with my significant other the thought came to me that a lip pencil I owned might be similar to this lipstick. So I found the lip pencil and proceeded to apply. Imagine my surprise when this $5 Jordana lip pencil in the color spiced rum was the exact dupe for this lipstick.

It feels so amazing to know that I will have this shade of Lipstick once my Pacific lipstick is done (and its going fast).

What are some of your fave dupes id love to know. xo




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