Protective Style Challenge 2016

Hey guys its been a while. Ive been more active on my youtube channel recently so you can check me out there

So on to the mian topic of this post. A Protective style challenge for 2016.

So far ive been protective styling for most of 2016.

I had braids for the first three weeks in January.


Followed by a week of buns.


Then a week of mini twists


which led to a pretty bomb braid out.


In the begining of Febuary I got box braids which i intend to rock for the entire month.


Next month i plan to get crochet braids and as for April im not sure what ill be rocking  but this year will definatly be the year of protective styles.

What are your plans for your hair this year?

and if you havent seen my most recent youtube video you can check it out here.

and here




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