Crochet Braids Round 2

Welcome back lovelies. So as the title suggests this post is going to be about my second round of crochet braids. I did a past crochet braid set for the first time and fell in love. So I decided to incorporate the style into my six month protective style challenge.

You can take a look at my previous crochet braid install Here.

For this install of crochet braids my braiding pattern was a bit different. I braided my hair in six cornrows using the pattern I found on another blog The kink and I.

To start off I cornrowed the hair.

Then I used about four packs of kinky textured braiding hair.

And to install since a crochet needle is out of my budget I used a $2 beader.

To install I used the same method you would use if using a crochet hook, by pushing the beader through the cornrow pushing the synthetic hair through the eye of the beader and pulling the beader back out.

I then pulled the ends of the hair though the loop created by the hair and pull it through to secure. The entire process took me about 2 and a half hours.

And theses are my finished results.

I love this style it’s quick its easy to style and I can literally do my hair in like 2 mins in the morning. This time around I plan to moisturizer every few days with a DIY hair spritz to keep my hair soft and supple.


4 thoughts on “Crochet Braids Round 2

    1. kerdishastlouis

      No problem when i found it it was like the gates of heaven opened lol but really it was so quick and easy to do. definatly try it out and let me know how it came out. ❤


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