My DIY Crochet Braids (late post)

Hey guys welcome back. So this post was initially supposed to be done on Saturday but due to internet issues over the weekend and a super busy work schedule on Monday I’m brining it to you now (better late than never huh).

So let’s just get into it. I installed the hair on Saturday the 17th of October. Since I’m somewhat cornrow challenged my mom braided up my hair for me. Unfortunately I did not take any pics of the hair but this is the cornrow pattern she used.

Source (

The hair I used was hair I had from a previous braided style.

The hair was still usable after a month of being installed so I thought why not use it. I just seperated the twists to have a fuller effect.

The total install time for the crochet braids was about 3 hours. I did not have a crochet needle so I ended up using a hair pin to install.
I must say I am very pleased with the results. Unfortunately I have not moisturized once since installing the braids. Partly because I deep conditioned and sealed VERY well before installing these braids and partly due to sheer laziness lol.

I plan to leave them in until next month as I plan on joining a 2015-2015 protective style challenge that one of my favorite youtubers is having. You can find out more about that Here.

I’m def going to redo this style in the future because it’s so much fun. Have any of you ever tried crochet braids? If so let me know down below.


7 thoughts on “My DIY Crochet Braids (late post)

  1. thedailylifestyleblog

    I always wanted to do those type of styles. Just to give my hair a break. But my skin breaks out very bad whenever I wear weave. I just don’t know what to do about that. Would you like to recommend some skin care products for sensitive skin?


    1. kerdishastlouis

      By weave do you mean all synthetic hair? Because you can wash braiding hair before installing to get rid of all the processed materials that it comes with. I think you have to address the hair because if its whatever on the hair thats bothering your skin gettting skin products wont do anything. Try washing the braids first.


      1. thedailylifestyleblog

        Yes I believe all weave does that to me. Maybe I should try to wash it first to see if it makes any difference. I never tried that before. Thanks! 🙂


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