Month long makeup & protective style challenge update

Hi guys welcome back. Just coming to you with a brief update on my month-long eye-makeup and protective style challenge.

Well long story short my month-long turned into a week-long for my eye makeup challenge and my month-long hair challenge turned into a two weeks.

Although I had great hope for both my life got too busy for the eye makeup challenge and my hair too dirty for the protective style ( it was reallyyyy itchy lol).

However I do have a new protective style in that is my crochet braids.
I’m planning to do a full post about them after a week of having them in (i installed them on saturday).

Any who I hope my next challenge will be more realistic now that i know what i can and cannot do. I’m also planning to start a new series on my blog telling you all bout my favorite Youtubbers and bloggers. I plan to do a blogger favorites every month and a YouTube favorites every week. Let me know what you guys think.


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