COR #80 Retreat; My First Big Sister Experience

Hi guys so I’ve been kind of on a hiatus for the weekend and that was because I went to the ‘Christ In Others’ retreat with my alma mater the Convent High School.

For those of you who don’t know COR is a retreat that the catholic schools in my country  attend over a weekend when they are close to graduating. There  they spend sometime away from their usual environment to discover things about themselves as well as get closer to God.

I attended the retreat as a big sister for many reasons. The main one was because I experienced it myself when I was in high school and I knew what a life changing one it was. Hence I wanted to be there for the girls doing the retreat and help them along the weekend.

Although I can’t say much about what happened as COR is a very emotional and personal experience but I can say that I had an amazing time.

I got to meet so many lovely, smart and funny young women and saw many of them make a bond with each other. I especially loved spending time with my ‘chicklets’ who were all unique and beautiful. If any fifth formers (or current students) of CHS are reading this I’d like to encourage you to go to COR. I promise that you won’t regret it.


my chicklets

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