Wash day featuring Naturally Smitten’

Hey guys so I’m back with another washday post. This washday I was very excited because I finally got my Naturally Smitten products.

I always do a protein treatment on the last or first weekend of the month and today was no exception. I started off using my hair mayonnaise left in for about an hour then I washed with my diluted Giovanni deeper moisture shampoo.

After a brief towel dry I twisted up my hair with the hair custard then followed up with the moisturizing butter.

Product claims to be specifically made for type 4 hair which gives it a big thumbs up for me. The curl custard says it’s great for twist-outs, braid-out or whatever other style you want. The moisture butter claims to be an ideal moisturizer and sealant too.

I really like the consistency of both products. They feel really rich, creamy and thick. Upon applying it I did get relatively good slip to detangle. The one thing that I did not really like was the smell. I’m not a fan of sweet smells for my hair products and it is rather overwhelming but for the juicy twists it gave me I can look past it.
I can’t wait to show off my results. You can find my last wash day post Here.

How was your wash day? I’d love to hear about it.


3 thoughts on “Wash day featuring Naturally Smitten’

  1. Nice! I’m currently in the process of wash day lol. I generally just deep condition my hair the night before using lots of oils and whatever conditioner I have at home (currently it’s Aussie Moisture). But I alternate between conditioners ever few months. I use soo much conditioners that I tend to not bother with the little bottles lol. But currently I’m using Aussie Moisture because at the end of August I straightened my hair for the first time. And while I’m happy I had no heat damage I’m taking no chances and I’ve been doing my deep conditioning treatments every 2 weeks.

    But my hair loves rich moisturizing products so maybe I’ll try those you mentioned for my twist outs. I’m a Shea moisture girl so I just love that line. Thanks for sharing your post I saw it on fb and decided to take a study break! Happy Sunday ^_^

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    1. kerdishastlouis

      I so get what you mean about conditioners I go through them soooo fast. Never tried Aussie or she moisture but want to some day. Thanks so much for commenting❤️❤️


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