Why protective styling keeps me in check

Hey guys its been a while I know. Im here hitting you up with another hair post because ive come to the realization that protetive styling is the only way im going to make it to my hair goal.

Exibit A

My hair stayed in these braids for 5weeks no problem. I loved them and mostly wore it in a bun and retained A FULL INCH in a month guys. It was perfect.

Fast forward after removal of the braids these are just SOME of the styles Ive gone through just two weeks after I removed them.

Case in point I have a serious case of hand in hair. Although I keep my hair in the same style for the week I constantly  redo said style.


So effectively I’ve decided for the rest of the year I’m going to protective style for my life honey.

My next hairstyle will be a cornrowed updo which I’ll leave in for the month of October . (Fingers crossed) then I’m thinking of redoing the braids for November followed by crochet braids in December.

This means I’ll be doing routines of how I maintain my hair during the course of the style.

Hopefully I’ll get to where I wanna be (armpit length).

Wish me luck!!


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