My New Discovery!!!

Hey guys so I decided that I couldn’t keep this secret to myself anymore. Last week I discovered something that completely changed my life. For the past week I have been drinking
IASO tea and it has been the BEST  investment I’ve ever made.

It started innocently enough my coworker told me about this product she was selling that promised to help me lose 5 pounds in 5 days. Obviously I did not believe her but wanting to be supportive accepted when she offered to let me try some to see.

I followed the instructions and made the tea and drank it every day. The first few days I couldn’t tell anything but by day five I realized I felt really good. I was energized less bloated and my skin was even a lot clearer when I weighed myself on the fifth day I was blown away.

My eating had not changed, I wasn’t exercising because I really wanted to test this tea own its own and it worked.

I had lost 5 pounds!!!!!!

This review is my own but if you are interested you can find the tea at here.Try it yourself because now that I see what it does I’m definitely incorporating it into my weight loss plan.

sipping my IASO Tea at work

2 thoughts on “My New Discovery!!!

  1. I tried this tea too. But being the creature that I am, I forgot to weigh before and discovered that the scale was broken when I went to weigh after some days. I will try it again though. I’ve heard I lost weight. And no I wasn’t dieting or exercising because I was too lazy. Thanks!


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