Wash day 20/09/15

Hey guys, so I love reading wash day blogs on other sites like  Smooth cuticles and Saving our strands so I thought I’d do my own and share my wash day experiences.

My hair post wash day

This is my hair before I get started it hasn’t been washed since last week. 
These are the players in today’s wash day. I recently decided to return to deep conditioning on a regular basis. When I was a new natural I NEVER skimped on deep conditioning however as of late I’m ve become really lax so I’ve made a commitment to start back.

So I started off by splitting my hair into four sections and finger detangling with water and a cheap conditioner.

A tip is to look for a cheap conditioner with the words ‘smooth’ or ‘silky’ as these have the most slip and since it’s cheap you won’t feel guilty using a lot.
I split those individual sections into even smaller sections as I find my hair easier to manage that way.

When I was done I had about 18 twists.

This is the amount of hair I lost detangling my ENTIRE head. Can you see why I LOVE Finger detangling?

This is my current shampoo. I tend to like using things of the same brand as they are tailored to work well together. I filled a bottle with 2cups of water then added about 3 tablespoons of shampoo. The diluted shampoo is less harsh on your strands.

I hopped into the shower gently squeezed the conditioner out of my twists under running warm water and massaged my scalp for a bit before adding the shampoo. This helps lift some of the dirt.

This is my hair fresh out of the shower. All clean.

As I said I’m returning to the holy grail that is deep conditioning. I used this Giovanni deeper moisture conditioner as this leaves my hair SUPER soft and moisturized.

I untwist add the conditioner, do a bit more finger detangling as this conditioner has TONNES of slip and retwist. I then put on a showercap, my microfiber towel and a beenie to help my natural body heat warm the conditioner.

So I let this stew for about an hour then I rinsed my hair in cool water and finished off with an oil rinse using my DIY holy grail oil mix.


DIY holy grail oil mix


deep conditioned and oil rinsed hair

So the next step for me is soaking up the excess water with an old tee-shirt for about five mins. Then I apply my leave in mix and seal with Jaydees Shea butter (my all time fave sealent).

Let me tell you guys my hair felt soooo soft and moisturized and my curls were POPPING!!

I was in such a good mood from my easy breezy wash day I went ahead and installed my curlformers. This takes quite some time so you know I was feeling my hair.

So that was my wash day. I’ll post a pic showing the results of the curlformers later. Let me know if you enjoyed this post and if you would like another with me featuring different products.

Let me know about your wash day and what you use.

The Wash Day Experience

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