Six DIY’s you should know

Now as much as I love getting makeup I love saving money on items I can reproduce even more. In my recent Pinterest excursion I found some do-it-yourself items you can make at home.

For this DIY you’ll need 2cups of distilled water, one part soap (I melt a tablespoon of African black soap) with a teablespoon of a light oil such as almond or jojoba oil and teaspoon of  an essential oil such as lavender, tea tree or peppermint.

Now the great thing about this is  that you don’t need a lot of any ingredient and it lasts for a pretty long time.

For the next DIY you just need two ingredients. You’ve head about milk of magnesia for ages as a staple cost effective  primer. To create your own primer you’ll need 2 cups of distilled water and 1/4 cup of milk of magnesia. Shake well and your good to go. Spray this on about five inches away from your face for an even application and let dry before applying your makeup. Props to my girl Jarna of shebleedsmakeup for putting me onto that particular trick.

This picture speaks for itself because what’s primer without setting spray.

For this DIY toner you’ll again need some witch hazel, apple cider vinegar, distilled water and an essential oil. Put this in a spray bottle shake and your good to go. Toner is best appled after face wash and before your moisturizer.

I love makeup wipes. They are essential to me before I wash my face as my face wash may not get all my makeup off or I’m not in the mood to use water to remove my makeup (yes I’m that lazy). So when I found this DIY I was ECSTATIC. All you need is some cheap baby wipes and some coconut oil. All you do is add the coconut oil to the wipes and your good to go. Now this can go bad pretty quick so I’d advise you make small batches at a time.

DIY body and lip scrub. I’m a big fan of exfoliating. Something about getting rid of all the layers of dead skin on my body is just so satisfying. For this you need two ingredients coconut oil and brown sugar and your good to go. You can also use this on your lips as well.

You can find the link to my Pinterest Here where you will find more cool DIY ideas.

Let me know if you try any of these and if your a DIY fan as well.


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