My makeup ride or die

So as a young woman who’s into makeup you just have to have a go to ride-or-die makeup combo in your arsenal that’s tried and true.

Here I’m going to share with you my makeup essentials that I absolutely must have or will grab immediately especially if I don’t have a lot of time to get ready.

If you know me you know that my eyebrows are my LIFE! Jk it’s not that serious. But I really do feel like your brows make or break your face. I got this as a gift and haven’t looked back since. For me this brow powder palette is the business. It comes with a light and dark color and a wax to hold everything in place.

All my dark skin sistas stand up!!! This right here is the BOMB! Now like most dark skin goddesses I am cursed with the occasional dark spots and hyperpigmentation and ain’t nobody got time for that and that’s where this comes in. A dab of this on any dark area and a dab of powder and you are good to go (and it’s only 3$ U.S.??? Can I get an amen??)

But you may be asking? But Kerdisha how will I blend? Have no fear I got you.

This beauty sponge by BH Cosmetics yassss!!! Now I love everything about BH. I love their eye shadows, their brushes and their affordability. I’m not trying to put out $90 U.S. for a real beauty blender oh no no no. This right here is amazing not only is it just $6 U.S. ( yup I said it) it is amazing at blending out makeup, concealer, powder you name it.

And the pièce de résistance.

This missy Lynn palette from bh cosmetics is EVERYTHING guys. With six shadows and two baked highlighters it is all the palette you need lol.

Not only can you create a neutral or dramatic look, the dark brown shadow can double as a contour and the baked highlighters can be used as eye-shadows!! Need I say more!?! So theses are my ride or die essentials. Maybe some items will change in the future but until then I love these items.

So what are some of your ride or die items? I’d love hearing . Leave me a comment below .❤️❤️


9 thoughts on “My makeup ride or die

  1. I need to get on the BH Cosmetics Life!! Idk why I haven’t gotten anything from them yet. But this will soon change! I ‘ve been looking for one of those peachy/orange concealers but I haven’t found one I like yet. I recently got the one from NYX but it’s poop and just makes me look ashy 😥 so I’ll have to try the LA Girl Pro concealer.. cool suggestions and you should do a makeup lok with the pallet ijs 🙂


    1. kerdishastlouis

      Omg you should I just got some more stuff from them ( gonna do a haul soon lol ) I tried that and it does the same for me. You should try the la girl it’s a great concealer for darker skin tones. I’ll def keep the tutorial in mind. ❤️❤️❤️


    1. kerdishastlouis

      Thanks so much love I’ve featured some of the products on my Instagram such as the missy Lyn palette.. I might do a yt video using all the products so stay tuned.


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