More tension more problems

Hey lovelies hope y’all are doing well. Just coming on here to share on a topic I feel is really important and that is the amount of tension we place on our head.

Now I know we all want that ‘sleek’ and ‘ laid ‘ look but the quest for the perfect do might be hindering your health and length goals.

Now me personally I’m EXTREMELY tender headed, much hair always has to be able to breathe or I can’t sleep.

Tension on your head can cause headaches, sore and sensitive scalp and even alopecia (hair loss).

Here are some tips you can used to get a neat look without compromising your hair.

1 If it feels to tight remove it IMMEDIATELY. Don’t wait for it to (loosen up) as this causes undue tension.

2 Make sure your hair-band/tie/clip is not unintentionally pulling at your hair. This can result in unnecessary breakage.

3 For a neater look use a light gel and gently brush the hair in place.

4 For an even more neater look tie the hair with a satin/silk scarf for a few mins or even overnight.

5 Try to leave the hair alone for a few days after putting in your style. You hair will need a break from all that manipulation.

And that’s it. These tips have defiantly helped me along my hair journey and hopefully they help you as well.

Let me know what your thoughts on tension are down below.


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