I’m a moisturizer-holic 

Hi my name is kerdisha and I’m a moisturizer-holic. Yup you heard it right I’m obsessed with moisturizing my hair.

Welcome back to my blog guys. As you can probably tell this post will be all about the tlc that I’ve been giving my hair recently.

My obsession with moisturizing my hair has gotten to the point where its part of my morning and nightly routine.

DIY hiar moisturizer

I’m not sure if it’s the resent discovery of my low porosity hair (that’s a post for another time) but I’ve recently been moisturizing religiously with my DIY hair mix and holy grail oil mix (also a post for another time).

DIY hair oil

My method is simple, if my hair is in a loose form such as a twist out or braid out I spray my hair generoulsy mainly focusing on the ends with the DIY moisturizer and them follow with the holy grail oil mix them twist or braid it up.

Similarly if my hair is in a bound style such as a bun or an undo I spray the outside of my hair with the moisture mix (not as generously as I would have if I was doing loose hair) then seal with the oil then proceed to tie it up in my satin scarf (to lay the hair flat).

And that’s it, it takes me about 5 mins to do this on a daily basis and it has become as habitual as brushing my teeth. I found the key to keeping a consistency with your hair care is implementing it into your regimen so it does not seem like a chore but instead like you are pampering your hair.

I have definitly seen the benefits as my hair is lusciously moisturized and healthy looking.

So what about you have you been regularly feeding your tresses? Hopefully this tip on incorporating moisturizing into your daily and nightly regimin has helped.


4 thoughts on “I’m a moisturizer-holic 

  1. Mary Francis

    Hi Kerdisha..I simply use a mix of castor oil, 100% natural Shea butter, peppermint oil, lavender oil and coconut oil to grease the scalp and ends. I spray on a mix made with distilled water, Cantu Deep Conditioner, lavender, peppermint, castor, coconut oil and Shea butter oil when the hair is lose or twisted.


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