Do you ever feel like you have no control over your own life. Like every. single. decision, or those that truly matter are made by someone else. Someone who thinks they know better or that your incapable of making your own choices? Let me tell you it’s suffocating. It makes you doubt yourself in ways you can’t imagine, second guess every decision you try to make on your own. It’s crippling.

It’s funny how sometimes people can do it without even realizing it, as a friend, a teacher a parent anyone with a level of control or that’s in a position that affords them that right.
But do we ever think of the consequences of that action?
Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about control and what it can do. From restriction of basic human rights to a parent thinking they can make choices for their child who is well above the age of that action.It’s been forcing me to think.
Who wrote the law that says it’s ok to make decisions about someone else’s life? Because I’d like to meet that person.
I think that this kind of behavior not only negatively affects the person that’s on the receiving end but those on the giving end as well. Not only do those on the reviving end become weaker in their ability to be independent but those on the giving end begin to foster unhealthy controlling habits.
So when is it ok to let go and give someone else a chance to control their own life? Make Thier own mistakes and be independent? Is it something based on age? Or maturity? and when is it the right age or right level of maturity?
Who claims responsibility for those who are smothered and kept hidden from making any decisions for themselves? When they are thrust out into the world and have to fend for themselves and they can’t. They have never been taught or been given the opportunity to do so.
How can someone be old enough to drink, to drive, to procriate and to vote but not old enough to dictate how they live their lives?

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