Generation Selfie

Yea I know it’s been a while. Please excuse my absence and no I don’t really have a reason to justify not writing. It’s just that life has been ….well life and I’ve been living it. There have been quite a number of things that have gotten my interest however the need to blog about it has been kind of passive.

But it’s back now and hopefully it lasts. Now enough about me, as you can tell by the title I’m going to be touching base on what I think about this so called ‘Selfie Generation ‘. Please be clear though when I say selfie I don’t mean the direct definition of taking a picture of ones self but I’m referring to the obsessive need of this generation to document every. single. move. that they make.
 I’ll admit I’m not so innocent, I’ve been known to post quite a number of selfies on Instagram and FaceBook however this has mainly been for the purpose of showing those I don’t interact with as much as I should who I have on FaceBook that I’m alive and what I currently look like.
The 2000’s have been blessed with lots of new discoveries and developments. However it has also been filled with things that do nothing to make us better people. It’s been said that this generation might actually be the most self-obsessed and materialistic generation of all time.
Why is it that we feel this compulsion to show everyone what we have or what we’re doing all of the time. It is due to trends, marketing, the influence of corporations to target the youth by using popular icons for branding purposes? It could be a lot of things really but what really makes me upset is the low self esteem issues or self worth issues that all of this is projecting.
What the world is saying is that if you don’t have  this or look like this then your nothing.
Growing up I never understood why it was so import to have….things. To me things were just that…things growing up I now know better but it seems like a lot of people didn’t learn that it wasn’t the thing that made you happy it’s the feelings that you get while having it.
What I mean to say is that I can feel the exact same way about my $45 pair of shoes than you feel about your $5000 ones, I can feel good about my naked face just like you can feel good about your made up one.
To me price tags don’t matter, trends don’t matter…I like what makes me feel good and that does not necessarily have to do with price.
I’m not saying that to make anyone feel bad for liking things that are popular right now by any means, what I want to get out there is this, don’t let your happiness be based on what other people think of what you have or what you look like.

2 thoughts on “Generation Selfie

  1. I like how you can get to the point in quick time unlike me. Lol. thanks for posting on this. I feel like maybe most social media users do it now so it's only become a matter of how extreme it goes. I'm tempted to do it sometimes just to say, 'Hey I do interesting things too!' but I can't follow through. I just live like what happens in Vegas…


  2. Thanks so much for commenting, I do think that it's going to reach the point where nothing is secret anymore and everyone knows everything about each other. There's nothing wrong in showing off a little what your passionate for but as the saying goes if you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything.


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