The Social Media + Relationships Controversy

These memes make me laugh

LOL… but for real tho.. why does Social Media cause so much controversy in relationships? I personally think that a lot of relationships have been ruined by one person’s addiction to social media.

Whether that addiction leads to a connection with a past love or crush—and that can be detrimental—or sometimes it simply means that you get home at night to spend time with your significant other and you have nothing to talk about because you’ve spoken about everything all day through social media or you’ve looked through each other’s social media feeds.

Social media has definitely accentuated and accelerated breakups. I think social media provides not only an easy access for relationships in the past—where you just can’t seem to get away from them so you just keep thinking about them—but it also provides a really easy avenue to be impulsive to reconnect and make mistakes.

A lot of relationships have been ruined not because they weren’t going to work out, but because someone reconnected with an ex innocently, and that led to constant text messaging. And before you know it, they’re meeting up. And if you make a mistake, you get caught because of social media because there is a paper trail for everything. And it’s over.

The thing about temptation is it’s a grey area. Is it cheating if I follow my ex on Twitter? Maybe not. Is it cheating if I Facebook chat with my ex about a time we had together? Maybe a little closer. Is it cheating for me to drunk text my ex at three in the morning? Probably. You can fool yourself into saying it’s not really cheating when you’re just texting. A way to prevent any of that from happening is having clear cut rules at the beginning of a relationship.

I love posting things to my significant others wall once in a while, in fact couples who regularly post profile pictures with their partners and share things about their relationship online are also more likely to feel happier about their bonds, however you can go too far.

Here are some reasons I don’t feel comfortable posting things about my relationship to social media:

It gives haters and frenemies an opportunity to “prey” on your significant other, it makes public what is meant to be private it promotes drama! Yes the drama, it gets deep and messy!

It invites your ex’s into your new relationship, it can cause a competitive element in your relationship (i.e who is posting more than who), and it creates a major dilemma if you break up.

Lets not get into the tagged photos of you with your ex, a friend request from an ex friends who want to get friendlier and the list goes on.

However there are ways to make sure that Social Media habits aren’t sabotaging your bond:

Rule #1: Avoid the premature relationship-status change

Rule: #2: Stop mindlessly browsing

Rule #3: Log off when you’re upset

And Rule #4: Friend exes with caution

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2 thoughts on “The Social Media + Relationships Controversy

  1. I say it's all well and good to make rules but I think if both people are satisfied with their private lives being private, that issue will not be an issue. This comes from this desire to show everyone that you're having a perfect life. Don't be fooled. Keep your relationship private and things will be fine.


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