Im back!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys let me just say i’m soo sorry about my absence yes i know i’m a bad person :(. Being so caught up in life, starting a new job, balancing family and friends ( plus pure exhaustion) makes it hard to keep a successful blog portfolio. BUT NO MORE I SAY. Im revamping my blog (once again) hence the name change. Its till going to be about me blogging about matters that i feel strongly about but its going to be merged with…wait for it…my you tube channel!!!!!!!!! YES GURL

LOL I finally decided to start my channel. I have yet to upload anything because my CPU is still gone for repair. But basically its going to be about fashion, hair, makeup and whatever i decide to upload onto it. Im going to try to post twice a week ( hopefully). I’m really excite about this channel guys. Just a quick update i have a new job which i love, social life is ( meh) lol and hair is thriving. Yes Hunty i grew dis lol. I cant wait to be posting more regularly on here.

My most recent rant blog would be about make up donts. I cant with these women and their over- dramatic eyebrows anymore. Gurl Bye! I get that your eyebrows make your face but do you really have to define them that much? # nohelga. Somebody please tell them its not Cute. You need to follow your natural arch and not use the liner/gel/shadow so heavily. Let your eyes not your brows be the main attraction on your face. Can i get an Amen?!


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