Rise of the ex’s

Almost everyone has that ‘ex’ who they remain friends with after they have broken up. It may be because they were friends before they were in a relationship and so they choose to remain so. But can ex’s really be friends? Is there that slight possibility that a spark that was once there can be reignited or can two friends simply remain just that, ‘friends’.
Here are some reasons think that ex’s can remain friends

You have the same friends
When you have the same group of friends as your ex it’s easy to be friends. Being in a large group will distract from the awkwardness as you slowly become friends again. It might even help curb attraction as friends hardly act the same way around their significant other as they do among other friends.
You both acknowledge that you will just be friends
Mind over matter is what is needed when being friends with your ex’s. if you both make a conscious decision to not let your friendship evolve into something else chances are it won’t.

You both have a significant other
Being in a relationship with someone else makes staying friends a lot easier. There is no temptation as there would be if you were both single. It can even help your friendship as relationship advice can be gained. Maybe your current significant other does not like something that you do that your ex knows about and can point out to you.

You know your boundaries
Although it might be fun to reminisce and remember nostalgic feelings together with your ex of fun caring or romantic times you’ve had in the past try not to do so. You may unknowingly be making room for those feelings you once had to resurface from both partners.

You Explain things very clearly to a new BF. 
If you’ve gotten a new boyfriend since you broke up with your ex, the situation becomes substantially more complex. Even the most understanding boyfriends will likely be a little jealous at first. Some may never stop being jealous. The best you can do is to clearly and calmly explain that you’re not “into” your old ex. Explain to your current boyfriend that you love him only and that you’re just looking for harmless, inconsequential fun with the ex – nothing more. Make it very, very clear that you don’t (even better if you say that you can’t) think of your ex in “that way” any more.

What are your thoughts? Do you think ex’s can or can’t be friends? I’d love to hear from you…don’t forget to like and share.

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