Grind Now Shine Later

On my way home work the other day I happened to overhear a conversation between two young ladies. The gist of the conversation was that one of the young ladies was telling the other, that she wants a man with ‘a lot of money’ and a ‘high profile’ job.

Now this is not a unique thing to hear but what was shocking was that this was a conversation being held by two high schoolers!!!
So what’s with all the fascination about men with money especially at that age?
Has the notion that not only should you not depend on men for money as a woman, but that you should work hard to get your own job and own money been lost?
What was even more sad, was that these young ladies would not even consider being with a man who is still moving up the ranks to get where he wants to be.
The concept of ‘grind now shine later’ is one that is nowhere to be found to the youth today.
How can you not realize how much better it is, to be with someone on their journey to self success while you yourself are on your own?
A relationship built on struggles and successes, good times and bad times, highs and lows forged through the hardships of life is one that is solid and virtually indestructible.
Yes it is nice to be with a man who is successful and reputable but isn’t it scary to think that if one day something goes wrong you have nothing to fall back on?
As a society we should instill self-reliance into our young women so growing up they have the mindset that they will be strong intelligent women who earn their own money and not depend on a man but their own hard work.
Tell me what your thoughts on this concept I love hearing from you. Be sure to like and share.


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