To be honest when I was in high school I hardly paid attention to the opposite, sex it was only in my final years of high school and in college that I really started having an interest in boys. Even then it was subdued as I preferred being by myself or with my girl-friends. The drama of having a boyfriend just didn’t appeal to me. 

Today however it seems like young women can’t go 5 minutes between so called ‘boyfriends’.

Consider these scenarios; 
Girl ‘A’ is a young woman, pretty, intelligent, funny and charismatic. She appears confident in herself and takes on life’s challenges head on. However this is not what is focused on. She’s considered frigid or a lesbian because she does not give societies appropriate level of interest in the opposite sex. 
Girl ‘B’ is as pretty and intelligent however, she forgoes taking her life seriously to be the ‘fun’, ‘popular’, ‘party girl’ who is as dependent on her boyfriend like she’s in the ICU and he’s her life support. The young crowd however sees this as acceptable.
So when did having not having a boyfriend mean the end of the world? Sure its nice to have someone who you can talk to and go out with but lets face it ‘YOU DON’T NEED A BOYFRIEND TO SURVIVE’.

In my opinion my life as a teenager was way too busy to even consider getting upset if I didn’t have a ‘significant other’. Between school, extracurricular activities, home life and friends I was happy if I got a few minutes to myself much less to think of anybody else.
These girls aren’t even thinking about the physiological damage they are doing to themselves by being so dependent on theses guys.
When will they realize that they need to pull up their big girl panties and deal with whatever drama is going on with their lives themselves?
In the end the only person you have is yourself so come on ladies its time to be I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T.


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