Reality Check

This goes out to all my high school graduates out there. Congratulations you made it…however 

a word of advice, now that you’ve graduated its time to show that you’re an adult NOT a tiger 

that has just been set free from captivity.

These young men and women who have just been through five grueling years (or more) of high school behave like preschoolers not intellectual beings, partying and getting on like life is a dream.

I think a reality check is needed to wake theses young adults up and get them to realize that just because you’re done with college it does not mean that you can do what you want.

Contrary to belief, school time is the best time of your life. now that you’re done with school, real life sets in. With great power comes great responsibility and be advised there are many responsibilities which you must now embrace.

College awaits you– Yes you’re done with your five years but alas two or four more await you. Whether your’re going to a two year community college or four year university there is still more education ahead of you. Although more freedom comes as you are not as restricted as you were in high school you still have to take college even more seriously as it will count more in the real world.

If not college then work awaits you- If you have chosen or can’t afford college right now the even more intense life of work awaits you. Impossible bosses, unapproachable workmates and demanding deadlines. The wonderful world of adult hood, it isn’t rainbows and butterflies and a lot of money like you thought it was. Here’s where the whole aspect of independence comes in. Your parents are no longer going to take care of your every wish. Money has to be budgeted and used appropriately. 

Bills await you– Ah bills. Water, electricity, gas, the list goes on. In high school the most you had to pay was transportation  and even that your parents provided. Now the tables have turned and you’re going to be expected to contribute to the upkeep of your household so don’t expect to be seeing so much of your paycheck. The other half of your paycheck is going to have to be saved, some allocated to food some allocated to transportation. So all that money you’re thinking about will most likely add up to $100 or less.

You may have to move out And finally the dreaded move. So your’re done with high school, working or attending university. Your job or school may be a considerable distance from your home and you face the reality that you have to move out. Now before you get too excited about the freedom you think you might be getting let’s address the cons.
1.    You have to pay bills
2.    You have to cook your own meals
3.    You have to do your own chores i.e cooking and cleaning
4.    There’s no longer the companionship your used to
5.    You might get home sick
       And the list continues So dear young ones the future is indeed yours but don’t let this bit of freedom cloud your judgment and not allow you to see that from here on out things don’t get easier but harder because let’s face it life is hard.

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