Lesbo-psychosis– The act of suddenly reinventing yourself as a lesbian for no apparent reason.

I love being a girl and I’m sure many of you out there do too. Now I’m not the quintessential ‘girly girl’ but I do enjoy wearing dresses and makeup and all of that when it strikes my fancy. 
So why is it that being a girl is no longer considered a desirable trait?
I see all these so called ‘lesbian’ girls dressing like guys, acting like guys and hitting on girls without shame.
Here are some of my theories why young heterosexual women suddenly get the urge to go the ‘other’ way.
Exploring their sexuality?-  Now we all have that experimental stage where we get ‘curious’ and wonder what its like on the other side. It’s a normal thing to want to experiment but should there be a time for this experimentation to end? Some girls profess to be lesbian but are simply playing with the emotions of those who are truly homosexual.
Fed up with guys?– Heartbreak, betrayal, infidelity, disappointment the list goes on and on. Eventually women get frustrated with this ill treatment from the opposite gender and decide to give up on men all together. But is this a genuine reason to suddenly become homosexual do you need to have a legitimate attraction to the opposite sex?
Being a boy is easier?– Now don’t be too quick to judge this one. We all know that we live in a gender biased society especially in the Caribbean where boys are allowed to do a lot more than girls are. Boys experience a certain freedom and can even most times command more respect than women. That kind of power is addicted and often lusted after by women so they see becoming more masculine will give them some of this power. Hence becoming lesbian, cause let’s face it what guy doesn’t attract attention with a good looking girl by his side?
It isn’t as frowned upon- For this point I’m looking at my country as an example. Yes it is not accepted by everyone but Dominicans are more likely to try to attack homosexual males in the streets than homosexual females. In fact they are looked upon as ‘Homies’ too. These so called lesbian girls are often more poplar because of their sexual orientation.
Following the trend?-  Sigh, this last one makes me shake my head. Out of all the trends that have endured the 2000s this is by far the most ridiculous. When it comes to the point that being attracted to a certain gender becomes a trend that’s where I draw the line. The various facebook pictures of you and your girlfriend or in baggy pants and a ‘Supreme hat’ do not make you a certified lesbian. Why should this be glorified? Don’t you think it affects the real lesbian women out there who face discrimination every day?
So what happens to these girls when the fun ends or they want to settle down? Do they just abandon their so called ‘partners’ who are truly homosexual? These girls need to understand that their actions have serious consequences.
 I’d love to hear your opinions on the subject. Leave me a comment and be sure to share.

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