The Side Chick Mentality

There’s been a revolution going on for a while now…well I’m not sure if revolution is the right term to use but it seems appropriate. It’s ‘the side chick mentality’.

Now I’m not sure if this evolved from the male or female side of the fence but it seems to have blown up recently with young girls apparently having no shame in being referred to as “The side chick”, some even revel in it seeing it as a sort of status symbol.
From facebook memes to instagram posts, one of the most ridiculous being “Id rather be the side chick of a loyal man than the main chick of a cheater.
Are these girls serious? Where has all the self respect and self worth gone? Why are young ladies demeaning themselves to such roles? Here’s a few of my theories.
1.      Low self esteem- Yes yes I’m sure you’ve heard it before. A young girl grows up being teased and never sees herself as beautiful so is oftentimes trapped in a relationship where she is treated like a door-mat. Some of you may say that she’s weak or needs to grow out of her past but we fail to see that this is a physiological problem. More young girls need counseling or positive role models in order to see themselves as the Queens they are and realize that they deserve more than just sloppy seconds.
2.       Men who have no respect- Now there are some young, strong, independent women out there who are being manipulated by men who they are genuinely in love with. These men say they are leaving their girlfriends or wives because they are trapped in a ‘loveless relationship’ or are only with their significant other because of their ‘kids’. These men who darn well know they are never going to leave their main chicks take advantage of the love of these good women.
3.       Broken homes- Are single mothers too quick to bring more than one man to meet their children? Are single fathers to blatantly “dating” more than one woman in front of their children? Bad examples breed bad results. Parents should be more aware of little eyes who are looking at them and viewing this kind of behavior as ok.
4.       Status symbol?- Now I’m hesitant to put in this last point because I’m basically blaming society for this being accepted. Is it now a glorified position to be a side chick? So many young girls are so openly declaring or even bragging about being side chicks but no one is addressing the issue. Now I love me some Gabrielle Union and Kerry Washington but shows such as “Being Mary Jane” or the ever popular “Scandal” are painting a romantic picture of the role of side chick to young black women.
So these are just some of my thoughts to why ‘The Side Chick’ role is such a popular position nowadays. I could be wrong I could be right but once things for sure we need to re-evaluate self worth as a society.
So what are some of your thoughts? I’d love to hear from you leave me a comment below and be sure to share.


One thought on “The Side Chick Mentality

  1. I especially love #4. I feel the same way about this topic. Who wants to be the side chick?! It's ridiculous. Side chicks tend to accept what even the main chick wouldn't. Dunno why its made out to be so glamorous. Plus, if she wants a real relationship someday that 7 years a side chick would've only been a waste of years when she could've been in a good place heading towards the life of her dreams!


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