‘Aint notbody got time for that’

 Um yea…yea you do. Let’s talk about overweight Dominican women; we see them everywhere most times dressed in outfits better suited for less heavy women.

Now I’m not saying that these women are unattractive, in fact most of these women are our mothers, aunts or even godmothers who just don’t know how to dress their body types or go about losing weight.

A good number of these women can lose the weight easily by eating better or less and implementing a simple regimen of exercise in their lifestyle. So why don’t these women take the initiative?
No time-  Prepare lunch, do the laundry, sweep and mop the house, yes so many chores to do but unbeknownst to these women most of these chores are a form of exercise.  Between all of these chores a few jumping jacks, squats or even lunges can be done to get the bare minimum of 30 minutes of exercise a day.
Healthy eating is too hard­– Contrary to belief eating healthier is not that hard especially in the Caribbean. Eating less bread or switching bread for heather carb’s like ground provisions is only one of many ways. Even eating less can be the main turning point in losing weight since most Caribbean women eat pretty healthy meals.
Exer-what?Let’s face it after a long day of work the last thing on anyone’s mind is exercise but here’s where willpower comes in. Persons should keep in mind the goals that they are trying to reach and how proud they will be in the end.
So will the excuse cycle finally end? Will inner strength prevail? Who’s going to have their rocky moment and say I made it.
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